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Welcome to Bat Assay Tool (BAT)
What do I need to run the BAT

But I don't live in the U.K.

That's no problem the BAT is ready to go worldwide, (almost). The list of U.K. bats is stored in a file called DropDownListData.xml which you can edit include the bats where you live. Let me know if you develop a list for your region, and I'll develop an update to BAT to allow you to select the region as part of the project.

Want some more infomation?

For the moment I've created a Facebook group to discuss BAT becuase it's quick and easy to do, and I've constructed this website so that I can host different versions of the BAT for download. If the BAT takes off as a product I'll start to develop the website as a more central repository of information so we don't become too Facebook centric.


The BAT Facebook Group
Bat Conservation Trust

Welcome to the Bat Assay Tool (BAT) website

The BAT has been designed to help you spend less time in the office and more time with your bats.

The concept behind BAT is for you to go out and undertake your bat box checks and swarming surveys as usual, then when you want to convert your paper records to an electronic copy for upload to your bat group or local records centre, you can use the BAT to do this quickly and easily.

BAT is designed to replicate the standard bat survey spread-sheet as closely as possible, it will produce a bat survey spread sheet along with all the header information such as the time and date of the survey and all the team members who attended.

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Tell me more.. What does the BAT do?

Bats in the UK are a protected species and a licence needs to be granted by Natural England to allow you to trap and handle them. Each bat that's trapped needs to be measured, weighed and recorded, this is not a problem when you have only a few bats in your net or harp trap, but at some sites in the U.K. it's possible to capture 100's during the night. Typically these are recorded on paper and transfered to a spreadsheet at a later date.

When hundreds of bats have been recorded over the course of a year then it's a long and tedious job transfering all the data onto spreadsheets and this is where the BAT comes in, it allows you to record data directly onto your laptop during a netting session or it can be used to speed up the process of transfering data from the orginal paper records onto a spreadsheet. The main data entry screen is shown below.

You can add or edit data at any time and in any order, BAT is designed to replicate the same ease of use when surveying with paper and pencil.

To find out more information about BAT click here read the help files that accompany the latest release of BAT or simply click on the download button to give the latest version a spin.

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What do I need to run the BAT

Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7. (It should run on other versions of windows but I havn't tested it, let me know and I'll add them in). In addition you will need the Microsoft .NET Framework V4. If you don't have this framework the installer will tell you, and you can install it from Windows Update. It should be installed automatically on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is an optional update for Windows XP. Or you can install it manually from Microsoft by clicking this link here

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You will notice that the 'Read more' and 'comment' links don't actually work and just point back to this page, this is because I've used a template from Free css templates to construct this site, at some point I'll add the links in and add the sNews feature that will allow me to post properly to this website rather than cheating and hard coding the posts directly into this page.

Noctule Greatest hits

Release V1.4
Click here to get the mp3 version (if your using Chrome press and hold the alt key then click with the mouse so you can download it)
Click here to get the Wav file in a zip

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Version 1.4

Release V1.4
Click here to get the release notes (pdf format)
Click here to get the BAT download

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Version 1.3

Release V1.3
Click here to get the release notes (pdf format)
Click here to get the BAT download

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Version 1.2

Release V1.2
Click here to get the release notes (pdf format)
Click here to get the BAT download

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Version 1.1

This release is no longer available

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About BAT

Click here to get the help files for the 1.2 and 1.3 releases of BAT

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Contact the BAT development team

Hi to avoid spending many hours trying to separate the genuine emails from the fake, only send emails to this address below, as emails to any other adddress will simply get deleted.
If you are using a screen reader then the address is bats then the at symbol and then the url which is

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